Success Stories

How to manage an ERP project



SAP Business One is the perfect package for Coastal Bottlers

"Now, I am able to concentrate on much more critical tasks thanks to SAP Business One.”

Jerad Musembe, IT and process manager, Coastal Bottlers Ltd.

Coca Cola - Coastal Bottlers

SAP Business One was a sweet transition for Butali Sugar Mills

"SAP Business One for us means nice controls and low costs.”

Sanjay Patel. Managing Director. Butali Sugar Mills.

Butali Sugar Mill

Brava Food Industries are now in control of their products through SAP Business One

"We can easily see the profit margin rising."

Harrison Kamau. IT Head. Brava Food Industries

Brava Food

SAP Business One lifts the spirit of Agro Chemical & Food Company

"We have improved our business and the way we work."

Ashok Agrawal. Director. Agro Chemical & Food Company

Agro Chemicals and Food Company

Afri Tea can make the right business decisions at the right time with SAP Business One

"We were disconnected and out of control. SAP Business One has led us in the right direction.”

Mr Poyyara, Chief Accountant, Afri Tea and Coffee Blenders.

Afri Tea and Coffee Blenders

SAP Business One ensures RF Design gets more out of their time spent

"SAP Business One makes life easier."

Bev Barnard, Financial Director, RF Design

RF Design

SAP Business One assists Craigcor Distribution to be more efficient

"We can now focus our attention on our two core strategies – regional growth and product line growth, as well as increased inventory control – in each of our locations.”

Matthew Lingenfelder, Managing Director, CraigCor Distribution.

Craigcor Distribution

Coopers ES can get things done faster with SAP Business One

"What used to take several days can now be done in a matter of minutes.”

Tienie Jordaan, Financial Director, Coopers Environmental Science.

Coopers Environmental Science