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Crop Solutions case study
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Crop Solutions reduces inventory costs with SAP Business One

Crop Solutions is a leading supplier of crop covers and machinery. Established more than three decades ago, the company now works with fruit and vegetable growers across 25 countries. Based in Perth, Scotland, the company has a team of experts that provide high-quality products complemented by practical advice to keep Crop Solutions at the leading-edge of the global crop cover industry.

Before deploying SAP Business One almost a decade ago, the company had originally selected to work with Sage 200. However, their experience was not what they had expected with multiple issues being uncovered once the solution was in place.

Before: Challenges and Opportunities

  • Wasted investment on previous solution
  • Disparate CRM and back office systems
  • Misconfigured application

Why SEIDOR & SAP Business One

  • Powerful warehouse management
  • Ability to connect operations across Europe in a single solution
  • Expert product support

After: Value-Driven Results

  • Fast return on investment and long-term benefits
  • Real-time cost management
  • 25% faster reporting times in peak periods
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Crop Solutions

“SEIDOR is very suited to a small to medium-sized enterprise. They are the right fit for us and, to be honest, it’s been a great move. We’ve really enjoyed working with SEIDOR and we’ve had absolutely no problems with their team.”

Ian Wotherspoon
Finance Manager
Crop Solutions Case Study

Crop Solutions Case Study

Read their full story here. Click to download.

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