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What's New in SAP Business One - July 2022

21 July 2022

What’s new in SAP Business One V10: July 2022

The latest patch release of SAP Business One is now available. It includes a host of eye-catching new innovations and requested changes from SAP partners and end-users.

As outlined at the recent SAP Innovation Summit 2022 in Dublin, there are many exciting new additions to the V10 web client.

Here are some of the top enhancements for you to look out for in the latest patch release.

Web Client Analytics Overview - New Release

Web Client Additions

In total, the latest release has 11 new enhancements to the web client. These include new features for delivered objects, such as an updated Relationship Map where you can add different types of documents; new features for Goods Returns & A/P Credit notes and journal entry tools, plus new handy approval processes directly from the web client.

There are a host of new analytic enhancements. Users can link List Views, and General overview lists to Master Data and document objects with additional filters. Users can also conveniently duplicate user-defined queries when creating new reports.

One of the most anticipated new enhancements in the web client is the Microsoft 365 integration. These new tools allow users to attach documents such as quotations, sales orders or invoices created in SAP as Word documents to send via email. Corresponding email logs are also generated in SAP when sent for reference.

Localisation Updates

One of the reasons that SAP Business One is used globally and is so popular with SMEs is because it helps keep organisations compliant with the latest rules and regulations.

When V10 was first released, it included a new localisation for the United Kingdom to help companies comply with the Brexit trading arrangements. The latest release includes a new EU – one-stop-shop enhancement enabled across all EU localisations to help with tax reporting.

There are updates for localisations for Mexico with new electronic invoice eDocuments; E Way Bill enhancements for the Indian localisation; a new qualified invoice method for the Japanese version; and the ability to withhold tax in credit notes in the Argentinean localisation.

Business Process Enhancements

To further streamline processes and improve user experience, there has also been a series of new business process features included in SAP Business One.

These include the option to display price list numbers and names in marketing document rows; the ability to quickly and easily manage change log for exchange rates and indexes tables; and new authorisations for anybody looking to create or remove a timesheet in B1.

Upgrading SAP Business One

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